Literature has played an important role in my life. But also in my work. I cannot conceive a day without reading. Nor without writing. As Mark Twain said, a person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read.

Since I was a child, I have written novels, short stories and poetry. Now I like experiencing with new genres and formats. The fantastic thing about writing is the constant discovery of borders that pushes you to an unknown and fascinating world.


21 Days of Rage

380 pages | Thriller

Zoe Natan is a corporal at the Police Criminal Investigation Department. Her life is monotonous and quiet until a series of brutal murders shake the city. All the victims are men that recently got out of prison. Zoe starts an investigation that with lead her to discover the most obscure side of human nature.

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147 pages | Drama

Very often silence tells us more things than convoluted explanations. Not telling anything is a way to express ourselves. Not showing our feelings doesn’t mean that we don’t feel anything. Deepest silences hide untold secrets, the most intimate words that we keep to ourselves. It’s the hidden side of our personality that we don’t show to anyone.

Silence is a pseudo-experimental novel about Amauri, a homosexual guy facing a series of violent events due to his gay condition. The silence that Amauri suffers is a metaphor of how he feels in an apprehensive society towards homosexuality.

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Without the Favour of the Gods

207 pages | Drama

Ana’s life is tumbling down. Her mum has recently died and she decides to quit her Psychology studies. Surrounded without any stimulus, she starts painting in order to create parallel worlds where she would love to live. But her stability gets shacked again when her father remarries. Her step mum has another daughter called Eva. She has the same age as Ana and, although in the beginning they don’t get along very well, they become friends. The problem begins when that friendship turns into an incestuous relationship.

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