All films are written before being shot. Screenwriting is a fascinating process where imagination is translated into words. The director will later on translate those words into magic. Here you have some examples of my work as a screenwriter.


The Flat

75 pages | Psychological Thriller

Carla and Julio are going to be parents. Before the baby is born, they move to a bigger flat. But strange things start happening in the new apartment: misplaced objects, food disappearing, strange noises in the middle of the night… They both start investigating what is going until they discover an unexpected truth.

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Citizen of the World

82 pages | Social Drama

Alex has been diagnosed with a fatal cancer and has only one goal in his short life: to find the woman of his dreams by trying a mysterious key in all locks in the city. With the interaction of other desperate citizens, Alex will find that his key will open a completely different door: the door to a new life.

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The Ottomans 

108 pages | Romantic

After being fired from the Philharmonic Orchestra of Torino, Lucia takes a new job as a music teacher in the prison of Palermo. The inmates make great progress and the direction of the centre organizes a series of concerts all around Sicily. During the trip she falls in love with Sandro, one of the inmates. However, while she sees this experience as an opportunity to start a new life, the inmates see it as an opportunity to prepare an escape.

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La Tenth Plague

90 pages | Historic Drama | Based on true events

Pobla de Ferran (Tarragona, Spain), 1925. In a little hamlet lives Josep Marimón, a sick man who is partly handicapped and cannot help his family in the farm. Due to his physical problems, he is not accepted to do the military service and the children in the village mock him for that. This will shake Josep’s emotional stability and he will get to the conclusion that the children are the cause of all his troubles. He decides that, to get rid of his physical problems, he has to eliminate the children.

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Perfect Lives

97 pages | Thriller

An undercover organization has created a revolutionary business: it allows their clients to take over the life of successful people after going through a meticulous plan. Problems arise when a client chooses to change his life with that of Eric Sartelle, a successful architect. In a constant escape for survival, Eric will have to erase his own identity in order to take back his life.

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The Transhippers Of Oranges

143 pages | Historic Drama | Based on true events

Portbou (Girona, Spain), 1906. Montse Roig is a Literature teacher in the school of Portbou, a little village in the border with France. Due to the economic crisis, Montse is fired and has to take a job transhipping oranges from Spanish to French wagons in Cerbère, the French village at the other side of the border. But the salary is humiliating and Montse convinces her working colleagues to go on strike. This will be one of the first strikes of women in French history.

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The Last Play

116 pages | Thriller 

The Last Play is a thriller about the mysterious disappearance of an English Literature teacher and four students from a renown University. William Coggins, the substitute teacher, will find some clues which will lead him to the discovery of the murderer, his link with the victims and his atrocious activities as a human taxidermist.

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25 Hours

102 pages | Thriller 

James is a security code programmer that one day is betrayed and blackmailed by the company he works for in order to change banking software. These changes in the program will allow taking control of internal clocks in all computerized systems worldwide and thus modifying money transfers. In a race against the clock, he will have to rely on the way time zones work in order to save his life and his family.

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You Are Dead 

96 pages | Thriller 

You Are Dead is a psychological thriller about Toni, a frustrated entrepreneur who convinces his friends to kill his associate. However, the real plan that he has in mind is very different.

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The Eternal Sigh of the Poppies

90 pages | Romantic Drama

Enrique is in love. He has been trying to invite to the theatre the woman he loves but his convulsed past gets all the time in his way. Enrique’s life is a constant battle to recover stability. But his life is too complex and his shaken past too recent. In a battle between his past and his future, Enrique will have to choose between living or putting an end to everything.