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2020 starts with many exciting proposals. If you are interested in learning how to make a documentary, I will be teaching an online course at the University of Massachusetts Amherst from January 21st until April 29th. The course has plenty of practical exercises and one big challenge: to make a short documentary film. For more information visit: www.umass.edu



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HAPPY 2020! Such an aesthetically special year will most certainly yield outstanding events. I wish you all 366 days plenty of happiness and professional and personal successes.



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2019 has been an extraordinary year. I have had a novel published, I have launched a cinema school in Lleida, Spain (www.eccit.es) and I have gone through the production of a documentary about Elena Jordi. However, I encourage 2020 to be as equally exciting. Merry Christmas to you all and thanks to everybody that have made all this possible.



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I am introducing my novel “21 Days of Rage” in two different places this week: at the Public Library of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Spain) and at the Alibri Bookshop in Barcelona. And on December 12th I will introduce it at the Ateneu Igualadí in Igualada (Spain).



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It’s a pleasure to announce that the production company Fish Corb Films has signed me up to develop a TV series along with David Pujol and Miguel García. It’s a privilege to work with such professional and creative minds like them.



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The classes at the Escola Catalana de Cinema i Televisió of Lleida (Spain) started on Monday 23rd September. There are 18 students enrolled and they all share a contagious passion for cinema. Another adventure that takes off, which I feel extremely proud to be part of.



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I will be launching my novel “21 Days of Rage” on Friday 30th September at 19:30 at the Cafè del Teatre in Lleida (Spain). I will do another book launching one week later, on Thursday 26th September at 19:00 at the SomNegra book store in Barcelona (www.somnegra.com). For those who are still not sure of assisting, I want to let you know that there will be a glass of “cava” offered to all assistants.



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After more than seven years working on the novel “21 days of rage”, Madrid’s publisher Tierra Trivium (grupotierratrivium.com) will publish it. The presentation of the book will take place on Thursday 26th September at the Som Negra bookshop in Barcelona. I will publish here the dates of the presentations in Lleida, Madrid and other Spanish cities.



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From Monday 8th until Friday 12th of July, I will be teaching a screenwriting workshop at the Magical in Lleida (Spain). It will be the first workshop organised by the Escola Catalana de Cinema i Televisió (www.eccit.es).



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Elena Jordi’s documentary keeps its slow but unstoppable pace. In the following weeks I will interview Esteve Riambau, Director of the Catalan Film Institute, and Xavier Albertí, Director of the Catalan National Theatre. And at the end of June I will go to Madrid to visit the Spanish Film Institute to interview Ramón Rubio, Director of the Lost Films Department.