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From Monday 8th until Friday 12th of July, I will be teaching a screenwriting workshop at the Magical in Lleida (Spain). It will be the first workshop organised by the Escola Catalana de Cinema i Televisió (www.eccit.es).



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Elena Jordi’s documentary keeps its slow but unstoppable pace. In the following weeks I will interview Esteve Riambau, Director of the Catalan Film Institute, and Xavier Albertí, Director of the Catalan National Theatre. And at the end of June I will go to Madrid to visit the Spanish Film Institute to interview Ramón Rubio, Director of the Lost Films Department.



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Submissions to the workshops organised by the Escola Catalana de Cinema i Televisió ECCIT (www.eccit.es) are now open. The filmmaking workshop for youngsters (14 to 18 years) will take place from 1 to 5 July. The screenwriting workshop will take place from 8 to 12 July. Come and learn with us!



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Finally, it is here! The Catalan Film and Television School ECCIT in Lleida (Spain) has opened its doors. From September 2019 you will be able to study a BA in Filmmaking and other specialised courses in different areas of the filmmaking process. If you want to know more about the school, please, visit this site www.eccit.es. The Open Day is on Saturday 27th April. Come and visit us!



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A new screenwriting course is open for enrolment. It will take place in Igualada (Spain) from April to June. There will be 15 admissions for people willing to learn the ins and outs of screenwriting.



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The screenwriting courses in Lleida and Igualada (Spain) are providing very good outcomes. The assistants have started bringing the first drafts of their scripts. I take the opportunity to let you know that on April 1st I will announce something very interesting for film lovers. Stay tuned!



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I have reached half of the enrolments for the screenwriting courses in Igualada and Lleida (Spain). If you have a story to tell, this course will provide you with the necessary tools and confidence to write it.



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Enrolment to the screenwriting course is now open. A maximum of 15 participants will attend the course and submissions have started to come in. We encourage you not to wait to the last moment to enrol.



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Happy 2019! I wish you a year full of personal and professional success, besides having lots of fascinating stories to write.



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Elena Jordi’s documentary is getting to an end in regards to the production in Cercs and Berga (Spain). We will now start shooting in Barcelona and carrying an exhaustive research, which is the most complicated stage of all.