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We have shot the final part of the documentary about Elena Jordi at the premises of the Film School of Lleida in Spain. Clara Mingueza, an actress from Barcelona, was dressed up as an exotic ballerina to emulate the character of Thaïs. We are now one scene away to finish the shooting. We expect to shoot it at the end of this summer.



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After almost three months of lockdown invested in teaching online classes and editing the documentary about Elena Jordi, I am ready to focus on the making of the short films that will be made by the students at ECCIT (www.eccit.es). Everything is ready to hear the first clapperboard on Monday 15th June.



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During the confinement I have been able to focus on the editing of the documentary about Elena Jordi. There are still a couple of scenes left to shoot and adding some archival footage but the film is at the last stage of editing images. I will soon start the sound design and the colour correction.



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On April 23rd we celebrate the World Book Day. The presentation of my book “21 days of rage” at different book stores has been cancelled. We will not be able to stroll around to buy books and roses. Buy we will not stop reading nor caring. This World Book Day books and roses will fill our memories and they will help us appreciate, even more, the magic of this special day. I hope you will enjoy it intensively among your …



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We are going through a very difficult period. I would like to send a message to cheer and encourage those who are fighting against the pandemic and those who are being victims of its most dramatic consequences. We will overcome this situation and get back to our lives very soon.



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On Saturday 14th March I will be participating in a literary debate at the Les Borges Negres Festival (Spain) where I will have the chance to speak about the creative process of my novel “21 days of rage”.



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Elena Jordi’s documentary “The Voice of Thaïs” has entered the post-production process. We have to reduce more than 30 hours of footage into a 90-minute film. If the other projects I am working on allow me to, I expect to have a first cut of the documentary once Summer is over.



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My novel “21 days of rage” is working very well. In fact, it’s working so well that the publisher Tierra has confirmed that the second edition of the book will be published in March. Thanks a lot to all readers that have made this possible.



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2020 starts with many exciting proposals. If you are interested in learning how to make a documentary, I will be teaching an online course at the University of Massachusetts Amherst from January 21st until April 29th. The course has plenty of practical exercises and one big challenge: to make a short documentary film. For more information visit: www.umass.edu



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HAPPY 2020! Such an aesthetically special year will most certainly yield outstanding events. I wish you all 366 days plenty of happiness and professional and personal successes.